Arriving on July 01, 2025- Departing on July 11, 2025

A dream vacation filled with art and beauty

Ming will demonstrate, lecture, and look at student’s work, offering guidance and critique. Students will enjoy this delightful journey breathing life into your work with a spontaneous Western interpretation into a traditional Chinese painting technique – PoMo. Ming will demonstrate the unique features of Splash Ink, and explain the materials used in the random and controlled pouring. Students will experience splashing ink on Mulberry rice paper. After the piece has dried, everyone will separate the sheets to see the resulting abstract and learn to listen to the color.  She will explain various ways to finish the painting, special effects, such as salt, alcohol, etc. You will finish your painting with a group critique.

Splash Ink with Watercolor is Based on principles originating from the Tang Dynasty, China (618–907) and combined with a technique known as Po Mo, Splash Ink with Watercolor is a blending of Asian black ink and primary watercolors splashed onto layers of Ma (mulberry) rice papers. The combination of ink and watercolors produces abstract images that are interpreted by the artist after it has been allowed to dry and separated. The artist is encouraged to then let go of control and enjoy this moment of intuitive creativity, learning to listen to the color. It is about freedom, imagination and finding your inner spirit — letting it work for and through you. Ming demonstrates effective techniques such as the use of salt and alcohol, unique to the process of splash ink, while describing materials used in random/controlled pouring. The addition of finishing touches from both Eastern and Western traditions defines the artist’s vision. This innovative style of painting produces results that uniquely express a contemporary view of nature. The final group critique will focus on guidance and positive instruction. This 10-day workshop allows plenty of time for students to experiment and finish up to four – five paintings. As you would imagine, the results are almost magical. Students at all levels are welcome and will be transformed by this unique style of painting.

About Ming

Ming Franz is a skilled artist who specializes in Chinese brush painting, western watercolor, and splashed ink painting, she received her basic art training in Taiwan and has continued her art in the U.S. Ming regularly teaches workshops at various art organizations in the United States and leads groups to Italy, Japan, and Taiwan. Her work has been published in North Light Magazine, Artist’s Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, International Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, Albuquerque Journal, and Asian World Journal. She is a Signature Member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, a Certified Artist, and an Educator of Golden Paints and Silver Brushes.


What’s included in this Creative Holiday

  • 10 night’s lodging (single or shared occupancy)
  • Daily breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs
  • Gourmet dinners
  • Daily excursions to nearby historic villages- this is a great opportunity to take plenty of photos, sketch, shop and enjoy French culture.
  •  24 hour use of the art studio
  • Transfer to and from Toulouse International Airport
  • Painting  demos with group and individual instruction

Airfare, 3 lunches and one evening meal and tipping not included.

For all the details and to register, please contact Ming directly by email:

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+33 565 245 013

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