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Artists with students who are interested in coming to Le Vieux Couvent should contact us by E-mail for further information.

May 18, 2020


May 28, 2020

A Trip of a Lifetime in Southern France with Barbara Mathews organised by Rita Carpenter


Barbara’s art is a celebration of color, rich and vibrant, glorious pigments. She feels a need to
constantly invent and search for new ways to see the world around her. Her art is a never ending journey that give her life so much joy! However, nothing that she has ever painted compares to seeing an art student light up with new eyes and become that creative being that we all are.

June 1, 2020


June 11, 2020

Art Journaling & Calligraphy with Ruth Korch FULL


Ruth Korch is a professional artist, calligrapher, teacher and art coach.  She is committed to making sure that no one returns home with an empty journal.  Rather, Ruth is devoted to helping students  find their own style & pace that will make their journaling doable, joyous and uniquely their own. While she enjoys many mediums, she especially loves the lively and sensitive expression that watercolor affords.

June 15, 2020


June 22, 2020

Painting holidays with Robert O’Brien


Robert O’Brien has been painting in the watercolor medium for over 45 years. He is a full time artist and instructor living in Vermont. In his own words “I am drawn to mundane, ordinary, sometimes “tired” subjects that I find in abundance around where I live. Light and shadow play an important role in my creative process.  I love to paint the spare, “colorless” world of winter in Vermont”. Robert conducts watercolor workshops locally, throughout the U.S. and abroad. He has visited France many times and while there he teaches and paints “en plein air”.

July 6, 2020


July 16, 2020

Painting holiday with Sandy Maudlin




Returning to Le Vieux for the sixth time, Sandy invites you to imagine this – being total immersed in CREATING ART for 10 glorious days in the southern France countryside. You’ll be so inspired as you create your own, one-of-a-kind artwork in our studio in this tranquil paradise. Sandy will guide you with ways to improve the composition of each painting you do, offering daily demos and helpful instruction. Any medium is welcome in this creativity focused workshop, and both experienced artists as well as beginners are welcome. Sandy is an award winning, Watermedia artist who has taught art classes and workshops for over 30 years and holds a degree from Indiana University in Art Education. She is passionate about painting as well as teaching others what she has learned along the way. Please join her this coming July for an inspiring painting retreat.

July 20, 2020


July 30, 2020

Join Jessica Henry for a painting holiday


Jessica Henry’s Oil Painting plein air workshop courses are aimed at simplifying the complex. With 25 years of experience teaching thousands of students personally and online, Jessica has developed a system of approaching plein air painting that takes the intimidation out of this most adventurous and exciting of painting disciplines. At her Le Vieux Couvent workshop, she will focus on three essential topics; values, composition and efficiency. The insights she will present have also been captured in a printed workbook, which will be given to each participant. And with her engaging personality, Jessica keeps the course fun while inspiring each participant to “own” their personal journey as a Plein Air Artist!

August 24, 2020


September 3, 2020

Painting holiday with David Smith

DSC_0116 copy copy

David R. Smith began his artistic journey studying Chinese Brush Painting in the United States and China.  A decade later, he was introduced to Western style watercolor painting and was amazed at how enjoyable and forgiving it was compared to working on rice paper.  Ever since, he has been hooked on watercolor painting, and has become a popular artist and instructor nationally, as well as a sought-after juror.  David is an award winner and signature member of the American Watercolor Society, and his work has earned him numerous “Best of Show” awards, signature memberships, showings in galleries and museums across the United States, and inclusion in publications including SPLASHThe Best of Watercolor and the International Artist Magazine.  With over 20 years of experience as a public school teacher, he is skilled at breaking down complex concepts and skills into easily learned chunks to help students find success.  As much as he loves to paint, he has found sharing his watercolor passion through instruction even more gratifying and he is most rewarded when he hears a frequent comment: “This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken.”

September 7, 2020


September 17, 2020

Watercolor Sketching with Leslie Fehling


Leslie Fehling is a watercolor artist, teacher, blogger, and enthusiastic sketchbook journaler who enjoys sharing her love of travel with sketchers from around the globe. Her 10-day workshop at Le Vieux Couvent promises to be the perfect blend of painting, exploring, relaxing, and making memories. Immerse yourself in art for ten fun-filled days and create your own illustrated watercolor travel journal that captures the experience of visiting the Dordogne region as no photograph can. Leslie’s in-depth instruction and encouraging teaching style guarantee that, no matter what your experience or skill level, you will learn and grow as an artist during your time in this special place.

September 21, 2020


October 1, 2020

Travel retreat for the Creative Mind, Body & Spirit


Revive, renew, create!  Join Sue Primeau (art instructor) and Nancy Olker (Pilates instructor) in a fun-filled, wonderfully relaxing excursion in the breath-taking and historically rich Dordogne region of France.  Enjoy the fabulous experience of living, stretching, and painting with a great group of like-minded people passionate about art, health and travel.

October 5, 2020


October 15, 2020

Travel sketching in the Southwest of France with Laure Ferlita


Come and join me, Laure, for ten days of more connection, more creativity, more renewal via travel journaling, sketching and breathing in the Southwest of France!When is the last time you felt like your really caught your breath? When is the last time you were connected, fully connected, to your creative well? When is the last time you gave yourself permission to just be in the present moment?

This workshop is designed to inspire you and your fellow travelers on your journey by providing experiences that will delight all of your senses. There is time built in to slow down, explore, relax, renew and restore as you explore your creativity and take it to a deeper, more meaningful level.


October 19, 2020


October 29, 2020

Painting holiday with Ginnie Cappaert


Ginnie Cappaert has traveled extensively and her paintings have always been inspired by her surroundings. Join her for a 10-day workshop at Le Vieux Couvent and enjoy a fun filled vacation combined with a painting experience in the Dordogne, Southwest region of France. Ginnie will work in oil and cold wax and share her techniques with this medium to beginner and intermediate students, but students are encouraged to bring any medium of their choice. The workshop will include daily demo’s, group discussions and exercises, lots of one-on-one and studio time, fabulous food and time to relax and explore the French countryside and neighboring villages.

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